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How do you treat your wife when she gets mad
Poll Created by: Delileh
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03/03/07        03/03/08
Q: How do you treat your wife when she gets mad?
Number of voters: 6
Be patient. If things haven?t been lively lately - don?t expect a complete turnaround in attitude overnight. 0%
Do some housework. Newsflash: My wife is exhausted. 0%
Don?t forget that special day. Birthdays, Valentine?s Day, Anniversary. 16.67%
Give her a massage. 16.67%
Set up something romantic every now and then. Do something totally unexpected. 0%
Touch her - but not there - at least not at first. 0%
Build up her self-esteem. 16.67%
Communicate, communicate, communicate. 50.00%
Try to stay in shape - be a good example for my wife. 0%
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