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House Eternal member's stance
Poll Created by: imagesinwords
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04/13/07        04/13/08
Q: Are you happy in House Eternal?
Number of voters: 10
Yes. I am extremely happy with the freedom of expression we are given. 60.00%
Yes. I think we have a well-rounded Society. 30.00%
Yes, but I am frustrated with a few things. 10.00%
Yes and No. People whine way too much. 0%
NO. People here bother me BIG TIME. 0%
Voters Comments:

This House is wonderful. Without House Eternal I doubt I would be on VampireRave hardly at all.

I put #1 but #2 applies also as they are not mutually exclusive. HE rocks and I have not met anyone there I have nay problems with. I just wish there were more participation than the 10 - 15 'regulars' on the House forums. With a membership of 87, yo

Sn Dimus High School Football RULES! *pumps fist in the air

I love House Eternal and feel that I have a good relationship with everyone within. Even when there are disagreements, I never leave feeling like there is someone on my 'blacklist'. I love that I can post topics of interest and thought and actually get

I feel a real sence of community in our house. i am proud to be a part of that.

It is so refreshing to have such intelligent correspondences. People in HE seem to me to mostly respect each others opinions.