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If you are King, President or Leader of the Country
Poll Created by: rezashahran
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10/31/06        11/10/18
Q: What is your very first Action to improve your country?
Number of voters: 13
Politics and Foreign Diplomacy 7.69%
Training and Education 53.85%
High-Tech & Research 15.38%
Economy 15.38%
Defense and Military 7.69%
Voters Comments:

You have to be multi-dimensional. Just focusing on one aspect is not going to work. By training and education, I mean, that you have to start evaluating what is needed.

I think we need Trained and Educated people, so every thing can goes in the right way!

i dont understand?? is this to do with a country or company? please re write question

Education guide country to achieve other success in different organization.

The very first action I would take to improve my country is to uproot all governmental and institutional corruption.