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Strongest candidate for Republicans in the 2008 election
Poll Created by: Adam
Start Date:      End Date:
02/04/07        02/04/18
Q: Who would be the strongest candidate for Republicans in the 2008 presidential election?
Number of voters: 6
Duncan L. Hunter 0%
James S. 'Jim' Gilmore III 0%
John McCain 16.67%
Mitt Romney 0%
Newton L. 'Newt' Gingrich 0%
Ron Paul 16.67%
Rudolph W. 'Rudy' Giuliani 50.00%
Samuel D. 'Sam' Brownback 0%
Thomas G. 'Tom' Tancredo 0%
Tommy G. Thompson 16.67%
Voters Comments:

Ron Paul seem to be the only candidate that answers the question without double speak, holds a consistant track record of votes regarding policy and is not affraid to speak his mind for the American peoples rights. Think about this, if China placed a mili